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Chris Robinson hardeveningsuburb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 15:16:33 PDT 2009

Just received 0797 *Not Hunting For Meaning* in the mail today (Monday,
6/29/09).  New studio work, acoustic guitar and vocals, similar to *Skirting
The Edge* in terms of guitar sound and recording.  The material here,
however, is much more aggressive than *Skirting The Edge*.  There are three
tracks, the first two being short pieces (both are less that 5 minutes long)
and the third being very long (29:23).  Track one, "Front Porch Shimmy" is
the most aggressive Jandek's been on an acoustic guitar in quite some time.
He's strumming and singing in an erratic, howling sort of way.  Track two,
"Stay Me Here," is similarly aggressive and short and engaging.  I really
like these two tracks.  They're very different from a lot of the recent
acoustic studio output.  Track three is called "Silent Wander" and closes
things out on a mellower, more contemplative note.  It is very long and
languid in the same way that a lot of *Skirting The Edge* was.  It's a great
track, but it'll take me a few more listens to fully grasp the lyrics.  It a
pretty beautiful piece.  Lyrics are full of vivid images.  I recommend
listening to it with eyes closed.

I strongly recommend it to anybody that enjoyed *Skirting The Edge* or *Myth
Of Blue Icicles* or *London Tuesday*.  I don't think you'll be
disappointed.  I wasn't.

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