[Jandek] Seth, can we help in any way?

Nate Wilson visioninapark at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 26 16:15:00 PDT 2009

I know I am not alone when I say that I wish that the site was updated.  I know that Seth is extremely busy, and I thank him SERIOUSLY for all the work he has done to help get the word out to the people about Jandek for the past 12 years.  But I ask with all due respect Seth, 


Is there anyway any of us could help you?... I would be honored to help in any way possible.


I hope you do not take offense to this, and I hope you understand.

I personally know a good dozen people that are new to the world of Jandek but don't have any way of knowing what is new and when new shows are happening, or when new cds are released other than for me to talk to them in person.  


What do you think?

Insert movie times and more without leaving HotmailŪ. 
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