[Jandek] Corwood 0796: Helsinki Saturday: "Sleeping in the Dawn"

Danen Jobe danen1970 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 21:58:23 PDT 2009

So this is what you do with "Sleeping in the Dawn." You put it on at dusk
(perhaps I'll try dawn tomorrow, but I usually, you know, sleep through it)
and you turn it loud, but not too loud. Just loud enough so that you can
take in the notes but not so loud that it drowns out your thoughts. And then
you bliss out to it. And you might even sleep to it a bit, and I don't think
that's such a bad thing. This is not "mood music" - it's too complex for
that. But at the same time this involved music begs of you to find focus.
And yet the focus, I think is entirely yours. You have your own daydream to
this music. The harp brings on a celestial theme perhaps, and the interplay
between harp and piano does keep the sense of motion - I'm amazed at how
quickly 63 minutes go by. No, this isn't the "buy it now" music of the last
few discs, unless instrumental piano and harp is your major cup of tea (and
I know it is for at least one list member), in which case you want to hurry
up and get it. But this is a disc for a time of day when maybe Jandek music
isn't the first thing you think of, when maybe you need to sprawl across a
couch with a nice thick lager and take it in. Who knows. Point is, it's all
quite lovely and it's here now and it's the first fully instrumental Corwood
disc (but, as we know, is far from the last) and in that sense forms the
first "Ambient Works" Jandek disc, with more to come. Enjoy. bliss out.

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