[Jandek] Irish Jandek Article

Gavin gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Wed Jul 29 07:28:24 PDT 2009

> Gah, I wish I could write this to Stephen Rainey directly, except he
> didn't let anyone make comments on his article. 

Why? I was there, I was 'hearing some kind of rhythm of my own', and I
thought the review was fantastic, hilarious, and a vindication of the
fact that, despite Jandek's current live semi-ubiquity, these
performances can still utterly polarise opinion. Any review that
concludes that

> Tonight is a swindle of the highest order, and every single one of
> us in the audience who does not register their disgust is
> responsible for allowing it to happen

is at least a genuine response.


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