[Jandek] Irish Jandek Article

Feigin Boris railfan93111 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 28 22:15:42 PDT 2009

Once again I find myself compeletely indignant and sputtering with rage after reading yet another "Jandek-is-a-sham, these-people-are-just-pretentious-for-pretending-they-like-the-music" whinge! Can these people not accept that we do genuinely like the music?! *Sigh* I suppose not being able to appreciate the music, they have to cover up for their inadequacies in this way.


"Despite the complete lack of rhythm in the performance, several people can be seen almost head-banging to the music, hearing some kind of rhythm of their own." 

That's right, buddy, there is rhytm, melody and everything else in Jandek music, you just have to open your mind and hear it. Too bad you can't!


Gah, I wish I could write this to Stephen Rainey directly, except he didn't let anyone make comments on his article.




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