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"Yeah, and there's always people at a Janky show who don't like it"
Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I should have submitted something to Seth Tisue about the Chapel Hill show. However, during that period, the site had yet to be updated, and frankly I figured Seth had gone his own separate way at that point. Excuse? Probably.

BUT:  I'm shocked to hear about people's behavior at shows. Granted, I shouldn't be (citing that I perform noise in upstate South Carolina). More and more, people seem to regard venue shows as a live jukebox that can be tuned out by talking about your job / your sex-life / how drunk you got last night / etc. But still, I'm baffled. I guess I just expect more out of the general populace.

Anyways:  The Chapel Hill show was actually very respectful. There were a few people I recall who came upstairs, sat down / looked around / hung around, then left. However, I imagine that since the show was on a college campus, they were probably students who went to receive some sort of "cultural events" credit (at least one of the universities I attended had such a policy). That being said, no one freaked out and made a point to express displeasure. In retrospect however, that may be because the show was VERY intimate. I would wager MAYBE 500 seats in the whole building, though I'm the first to admit that I can't guess numbers like that very well. ...of course, the Chapel Hill show was also pretty ballsy too. At points, I felt like I was watching some weird Sonny Sharrock / Stephen O'Malley hybrid (at least that's how it seems five months later).

Let's just say this:  That recording very well may become a favorite of your collection.

- Thomas Boettner

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