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>  He's entitled to his own opinion.  I guess.

Yeah, and there's always people at a Janky show who don't like it - God
knows Coltrane dealt with a plethora of that, and look how his late music is
worshipped now (a waitress at a Village Vanguard gig is said to have dropped
her tray at some point in "Chasin' the Trane" and screamed "I can't take it
anymore!"). So my problem with the review isn't the reaction (typical, and
fair enough) as it is the insistence that nobody could've enjoyed this gig,
and that everyone who seemed to be was "pretending." Really? How the hell do
YOU know? State your own opinion and leave it at that - don't ruin others'
experience insisting that it must mirror your own.

Glad to hear Jandek is resurrecting the PiL sound he had a bit around
"Newcastle Sunday." The irony is that there is a VERY strong chance he's
never heard "Metal Box," but I bet Richard Youngs has. Man, I love this

"...Jandek strumming a tuneless electric guitar which has been put through a
myriad of effects until it sounds like something resembling a dentist’s
drill turned on inside a wind tunnel. "

Yeah, I could dig an hour or so of that. But that's my opinion...


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