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No crazy theory needed - these were the first ever cd's ("Glad to Get Away"
was no. 2) and Corwood was trying to figure out how he wanted them to look.
He found that style eventually, and whenever these early discs are reissued
they are made to look like the newer ones, so eventually the library will
look uniform.

But of the initial run, only "Graven Image" has thus far been reissued  (I'm
counting as that run everything through the initial "Ready for the House"
reissue), so any of those discs will still have the initial 'look.' I kinda
dig the big "CORWOOD" which, as Seth mentions in the discography, makes it
look like buying a Corwood Industries release is your principal reason for
picking up the disc, as opposed to the artist and album.
On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 12:12 PM, andy regan <restlessboy at gmail.com> wrote:

> just got my first box of 20 through from corwood (plus a nice letter about
> a week before).
> One thing that jumped out was that 'Glad to Get Away' has a different type
> layout than all the others. different font, not the same arrangement of
> text. says 'CORWOOD' at the top in big letters rather than 'Jandek' like on
> all my others. Anyone else noticed this? Any others this has happened to?
> Any crazy theories as to why?
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