[Jandek] Hasselt Saturday lyrics

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Thu Jul 23 10:53:45 PDT 2009

Thanks to G. Farough for transcribing these.

Part I

When I tried to get out, you pushed me down.
Hit me and kicked me.
Left me hurt so bad.
Well, I tried to tell you how it really was.
You didn't care to listen.
You just walked away.
Now I'm here stranded.
I can't find my way.
I'm buckled and broken.
Tending to my wounds.
You cut me so deeply.
I can't move too good.
I'm lonesome and falling into some place I don't know.
I don't recognize me.
I don't know what I am.
I'm laying here beat up, twisted, torn and confused.

Part II

Mama, you goin' save me?
Save me from this brutal life?
I take my heart out, put it in your hands.
I gave you my heart.
I'd just lose it anyway.
It's been so trampled, it don't beat the same.
These blues goin' kill me.
I die in front of you.
But you be my witness of the bad times that I had.
Mama, please save me.
They goin' take me down.
These blues goin' kill me.
Before I get my rockin' chair.
I'm goin' to Jesus.
I can't stay here no more.
Goin' get me a blue coat.
Walk on down the road.

Part III

Take this strychnine poison.
Put it in my glass.
So I can lift it high, pour it down my throat.
I don't want to live here.
Nobody turn around.
I just went past you with all the blues I found.
Blues in the morning, blues all day long.
They say it's my life and I must agree.
Every time I feel good somebody goes away.
Leaving me dazed with these blues on my hands.
I got the blues forever.
It always gets this way.
I might as well know it.
They always here to stay.

Part IV

Go on, take my life with you.
I didn't want it anyway.
I feel so good here I don't see the day.
I don't see the night.
It's all the same.
Wandering, tripping to the time you claim.
You got me real good now.
For a while I didn't see the blues in my pathway.
Now they're no mystery.
It's worse than before it ever was.
But I learned about lonely.
You just taught me once more.
I can't shake these blues.
Not for very long.
It's just my destiny.
What else can I do?

Part V

I should've known you would leave.
I just forgot.
I've got to slap my memory for being so bad.
I didn't care about the money.
I didn't care about the fame.
Didn't care about nothing.
Didn't know my name.
The places you left me, all in my mind.
I wish I could burn them and leave them behind.
But I can't forget you, not here and now.
I think not ever.
It's my problem now.
I suppose you're indifferent.
Doesn't matter to you.
A few bad moments, wash it all away.

Part VI

I want to go down to the train.
I want to lay down on the tracks.
Run over me, train.
Then it'll be over.
You'll go past me, then I won't be.
Oh please, please, train, take me away.
I'm on your tracks.
Big iron wheels.
You dark black train, murdering beast.
Murder my brain, make it go away.
The words that hit me changed everything.
I lost my balance tipping toward the train.

Part VII

The blues got me running, I can't look back.
I can't think about the things that made me feel this way.
My mind's moving fast, keeping so busy.
Don't want to stop it.
Don't want to think about you.
You're the same as everyone that put me here.
Standing in the blue room.
No matter shades of gray.
I've gotta blue, blue mind that tries to get away.
But I'm not going nowhere where I haven't been.
I've been blue so long I can't see the sun.
It hides from me.
I don't look anymore.


I've got to go now, now that you're gone.
How could I stay here empty and cold?
I'll turn around, go the other way, follow the blue line on back to black.
The night has my name painted on the door.
I'm sure I can find it; I've been there before.
Welcome, black night.
Help me forget all the joy I ever knew.
Bring me back to blue.
A helping hand, a curse in disguise, makes you feel like you're wanted in
somebody's eyes.

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