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I've always had a loose theory in mind: that Don Van Vliet reinvented electric blues, and Jandek acoustic blues.

(I know both overlap, but I think that, for example, 'China Pig' is less definitive than 'Dachau Blues', and that 'No Break' is less definitive than, say, 'I Knew You Would Leave'...)

Just my way of seeing it. They are definite parallels, and almost exact contemporaries, too - DvV born 1941, Jandek born 1945. In some parallel universe maybe they formed a band of roving mop-tops, and played Ed Sullivan.

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Nearly three decades from his retirement  from the music business, Don Van Vliet remains an avatar of experimental rock, and very possibly the last musician to bring anything remotely new to the blues. The work of contemporary bluesmen Jandek and Ignatz, for example, is resolutely post-Beefheart, as is that of Tom Waits.

from a review in the Wire of Captain Beefheart's Jukebox, by Joseph Stannard
Does Jandek bring anything new to the post-Beefheart blues? Any opinions?


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