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At the rate he's going, we should see Toronto by the end of the year, or the
start of next year. Since neither Hasselt nor Helsinki were filmed (some of
the few), I guess Portland is the next DVD (and CD) coming, followed by the
Camber and Bristol shows. Sadly, the Glasgow "power trio" set was not filmed
AND the recording of the show did not take (not sure why, but I have this
from the source) so it is the only live show I know of that will not be
represented in the catalog. Hence, after the marathon of Bristol (which I
presume will be another box set???) it should be straight to Toronto, with
(hopefully) another studio album to separate them. If he keeps up with the
DVDs as well (which he has been, man you have to give him that! It's been
awesome) then the DVD should shortly follow suite. Point is: it's not far
off. As someone who was there, I think you have  a lot to look forward to -
the concept is awesome, the band is brilliant, and I can't wait to see the

2009/7/12 Niclas Nyström <blackinfinity at gmail.com>

> I wonder what did happen to the release of "Duality of Self". This dvd
> release was one of the releases I did look forward to the most..I have
> read some reviews.. etc..  (a long with The Nave, London 15 which seem
> ultra heavy...), both these releases seem to be very unusual
> Jandek performances, and are going outside of artistic frame a little
> bit...So I am looking forward to these especially...And I hope they will
> be released.
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