[Jandek] Re: Hello, I like Jandek

Chris Robinson hardeveningsuburb at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 03:36:17 PST 2009

Graven Image is a great one.  If you like it, you'll also want Glad To Get
Away.  Very similar in sound, theme, and cover art.

Hell, get all of the 90's stuff.  White Box Requiem, New Town, I Woke Up and
The Beginning are all fantastic.

My favorite early album of his is Nine-Thirty, though I could make an
argument for getting any of them.  Later On is also very accessible as far
as the early acoustic material is concerned.  The early acoustic material
was what initially drew me to Jandek and I love it, but I understand why
some people just don't dig it.  I still have to recommend it though.

Get all of it if you can.  It took a while and some cash, but I finally have
all of the cds and dvds and ten of the vinyl.  And I can honestly say that
there is no album that I have disliked.  I have my favorites, as we all do,
but really, you could put on any random Jandek cd and I'd get into it.  Even
the a'capella stuff.  It beats the hell out of listening one of the rock

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