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Thierry Bissonnette thierry.bissonnette.1 at ulaval.ca
Sat Jan 24 23:09:32 PST 2009

I could not do without :

Twelfth Apostle
The Ruins Of Adventure

and I can't wait to experience :
London Tuesday

The Rocks Crumble
This Narrow Road

are quite unique

The Door Behind
A Kingdom He Likes

are uneasy but, you'll come back for them later if you like recent stuff...


Selon Steven Jenkins <slbear at triad.rr.com>, 24.01.2009:

> I have listening to Jandek for about two years now
> and have tickets to see the show in Chapel Hill.
> I've been trying to complete my collection when
> I have extra cash which isn't that often. I'd like to
> have suggestions on my next purchases from Corwood
> if anyone out there would be so kind as to help.
> I have most of the newer material and enjoy it for
> the most part more than the older stuff. Not to say
> that I don't enjoy the early recordings but the newer
> one's seem to be more consistant with my taste.
> Whatever, they're all enjoyable in different ways.
> I hope to get at least four records in my next puchase
> so I'll just list what I don't have and if anyone feels so
> inclined they can offer me suggestions.
> Here we go.
> The Rocks Crumble
> Foreign Keys
> Telegraph Melts
> Twelfth Apostle
> This Narrow Road
> The Door Behind
> A Kingdom He Likes
> Khartoum Variations
> The Ruins Of Adventure
> London Tuesday
> So, there it is. If anyone feels like responing that would
> be great. If not a hex on you.
> I have looking at the posts on this list for some time
> and have found it to be the most useful resource for
> information about Jandek. Thank you all for that if  nothing else.
> See you in Chapel Hill maybe.
> Thanks Again.
> Good night now.
> A. Witcher
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