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New Release Tuesday: Jandek's 52nd album is almost definitely less interesting then #s 1-51
I refuse to give any credibility to a person who claims to be a writer who doesn't know the difference between then and than. I'm all for spelling mistakes and minor oversights but on the headline? Surely not. Is proof reading a lost art.

Sorry, a little off topic but hey!!

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Hi everyone:) 


It has been said before but I just want to reiterate that Myth of The Blue Icicles is an awesome work. The guitar playing seems to me to be much more varied than in the previous couple of studio albums, the poetry is profound and Jandek's voice is more nuanced. Go out and get it if you haven't already!


Also, just read a (newish) Jandek article on the web:


This review left me somewhat disturbed. Check out the title 

New Release Tuesday: Jandek's 52nd album is almost definitely less interesting then #s 1-51
and a sample quote: "Don't feel bad Jandek, they're just not that into you anymore."


This is not Jandek hate-speech - I view it as a said indictment on us, the fans. I think it has also been said in this list before...the discussions among the fans have definitely slowed down and there seems to be a lot less excitement now that Jandek has "outed" himself, so to speak, with his live performances. Here is a call to all the fans: I think we are in real danger of taking Jandek for granted. The Representative is one of the greatest musicians and artists of our (or any) time. I know I've been guilty myself but...let's get re-enthused, let's get excited about Jandek, let's maintain the rage!!!


As the first step, I would definitely encourage everyone to go to the above website and leave comments promoting Jandek's music :)


Sorry about this post being long-ish...just wanted to post this by way of encouragement. Also, definitely don't mean to sound waspish or anything like that :)

Boris from Australia (any more Australian fans out there?)

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