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"This is not Jandek hate-speech - I view it as a said indictment on us, the
fans. I think it has also been said in this list before...the discussions
among the fans have definitely slowed down and there seems to be a lot less
excitement now that Jandek has "outed" himself, so to speak, with his live
performances. "

yup. i still think the live-shows are problematic in a lot of ways. I'll
ramble a bit.

Back in the old days, also mentioned in the J on Corwood doc, people were
always speculating how this would end. Would he just suddenly stop releasing
records? There were several moments people thought: this is the end! (my
only friend, the end) For example that epic piano track.

Anyway, one of the ways it could've ended was a SINGLE live-show, announced,
Jandek solo, playing his usual guitar, lyrics reflecting the end of his
career, one single bow at the end. And that's it. I think this would've been
the novelty-factor of"wow this is the man from the album covers" this is
him. Worked for 2-3 shows and then wears off.

Now Jandek has turned into a normal improv outfit, which has been discussed
before. I actually think he shouldn't he started to release ALL the cd's,
sure there would be bootlegs if he didn't do it, but maybe the live-shows
would be more unique events if he did not release every single one of them.
(better, none) Also one could argue he does too many shows, it's an
overkill, he can't keep up with the release scheme!

And maybe his "average" fans, like me, can't either. In the old days Seth
had to update his site twice a year, reflecting a new album, the
music+ lyrics were transcribed and discussed, and that's it. Nowadays the
site has to reflect NEW studio-albums, NEW shows that have been announced,
Shows that have just been played, shows that have finally been released.
It's a LOT of Jandek.

Maybe 1 or 2 shows are year would've been better, if he really wants to do
shows, shows which then could serve as new, real albums. released shortly
after. (So no more studio-albums) Radical choices would've been best. The
whole live-thing is almost too "normal" now.

Also, but here it shows I am just your average Jandek-fan and in no way a
die-hard enthusiast, I also happen to think his live shows are too long. Not
when one's there probably, but on cd! I like Jandek music in portions of
40-50 minutes. Not 80 minutes, or heck a 4CD box. including a dvd, that's
almost ridicilous if you ask me. (The dvd, i mean, it's so unlike the
universe/persona he built up before) I know he's sort of demolishing the
myth, which is cool, but as said before, this could've been done with one
single f*cking epic show.

Just a couple of weeks ago I listened to Glasgow Monday, one of his more
mythical concerts. One of the first too obviously, (and that's no
coincidence!) and it was a slight dissapointment. I love his singing style
(very fresh) but don't really like the sound of the piano, maybe it's the
recording. His companions do well, but the whole set-up does not work for me
for 80 minutes. Maybe i am repeating myself here, apologies.

best regards,

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