[Jandek] Jandek in New Orleans (New Orleans Thursday)

Martin Calhan ambulancechaser at live.com
Sun Feb 8 20:19:46 PST 2009

Hi List,
I've waited along time for this, but, now it's here!
Three years ago I thought I was gonna see Jandek at Tulane but that didn't happen thanks to this thing called Hurricane Katrina (maybe you remember her, or her Houston bound cousin Rita). Anyway, as you know it didn't happen and I thought, "cool, he'll reschedule." 
But he didn't. You knew that. But do you know this?
No Hurricanes around in March, you know, not likely. Hurricane Corwood, maybe?? Ha ha.
Here's what I know, thanks to Jandek, and the show is thanks to WTUL, whose 50th anniversery this concert is celebrating:
He's here Thursday, March 16th
Hes playing at Dickson Hall.
It's a small place, like less than 200, so you'll want to get there early.
It's sponsered by WTUL, but I don't know anything else, like how much tickets are or anything, but I'm gonnna find out tomorrow by calling the station. 
But it's going on!
Oh yeah, and I got this with my message on the show:
"musical instruments: piano and THEREMIN."
C'mon, man! Like Brian Wilson! or some jandek Invaders from Space or something. This is gonna be awesome. Theremin, man!
Oh, and hi!
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