[Jandek] Best Houston Concerts of 2009

Rick Hall aloofmediahoutex at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 31 17:54:53 PST 2009

The Houston Press listed their choices for "The Best Houston Concerts of 2009", and mixed in there with The Killers, Roky Erickson, Monotonix, Bruce Springsteen, U2, et al, we find The Man Himself:

Jandek, Rudyard's, April 5: "Jandek's astringent blues guitar filled in the accents and Tyson Sheth's cucumber-cool drumming kept things moving forward. It was off the cuff and in the pocket, and just kept going...and going...and going..."

(They failed to mention Keith Vivens on bass. http://KeithVivens.com)

Here's a link to the entire article. Enjoy:



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