[Jandek] Jandek + Thurston Moore + Portland = !!!!!

Danen Jobe danen1970 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 21:43:13 PST 2009

Don't know if anyone else has reported this to the list yet (the news just
came out today), but here's info on the above from the website that loves to
talk about Jandek but never, you know, review him (not even once!):

Might mention that when I attempted NUMEROUS TIMES to get the Denver show
put on that site they saw no reason to report it. Now I understand what was
missing. Not to slight Thurston, of course, just sayin'.

But seriously, not to get into hero worship but Thurston is about as close
to rock royalty as anyone I can imagine who might actually play with Jandek
(or does somebody just need to ask Keith Richards), yet is just casual
enough to pull this off. Wish I was going - might start walking now!

In sorta related Jandek guitar noise hijinks - anyone else listened to
Camber Sands yet? Still sounds fabulous a week later. Oh, and did notice a
SLIGHT variance in Corwood 0800: the spine is printed just a touch darker
than the rest of the recent catalog. I guess that's a garamond bold font?
Anyway, it's sitting below the discs from Glasgow Sunday 2005 up in a stack
next to my computer in my office and the other day I noticed it
was...standing out. Stupid, sure, but we gotta talk about something. Right?
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