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One of my dogs had a similarly interesting reaction when I put the Glasgow Sunday DVD on. He generally finds TV interesting, but I can't really put in words how engaged he became. Even when I had to get up to to the bathroom, his eyes remained locked on the screen at all times.
It's interesting. There's a purity in animals - or anything that doesn't communicate with verbal language - because so much of human behaviour and learning is dictated by the opinions of somebody else. While it's indubitable for most of us that even though we all really like and are fascinated by this music, occasionally I'm sure some of us think 'well, maybe this isn't that strange: maybe we're just conditioned to a predesignated idea of what music should be to radio/television/media/etc.?'... sometimes having an animal can serve as a bit of a compass or reality check. Essentially, if my dog knows this is definitely something out there (if it were run of the mill, I don't think he'd give it as much attention), then it's likely out there on every conceivable level. Plus, I read a study a while back in regards to infants having an innate knowledge of musical moods and consonance vs. dissonance: it just gives more food for thought in regards to not only our enjoyment of Jandek's craft, but his creating it.

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Whilst watching BROOKLYN WEDNESDAY tonight on DVD, I think I've converted my dog into a Jandek fan.  Initially, her ears sort of pulled back and she gave me an: 'Oh, no, we are NOT watching this' look - but eventually she became fascinated.  Soon she will demand the CD package deal and only answer to 'The Bitch From Corwood'.  I can see it all coming now... ;)

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