[Jandek] Put My Dream On This Planet as a vinyl release

Chris Robinson hardeveningsuburb at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 21:41:01 PDT 2009

Releasing Put My Dream On This Planet in the vinyl format wouldn't be
impossible, but it would be problematic.  Take into consideration the
duration of the entire work: 52 minutes and 15 seconds.  It's too long to be
given release as a single LP.  Making things even more complicated is the
duration of the tracks themselves.  "I Need Your Life" comes in at 28:43,
making it impossible to fit on a single record side.  You'd have to split it
up into two parts.  Where that split would occur is something to consider.

Were this record to be released on vinyl, we'd definitely be looking at a
double LP.  Here's what I envision:

"I Need Your Life" would have to be split in two and make up the first LP
(sides A. & B.).

You could do one of two things with "It's Your House."  You could either put
it all on side C. and let the shortest track, "I Went Outside" have the
entirety of side D. to itself (which would be pretty cool, in my opinion).

A. "I Need Your Life" (Part I)

B. "I Need Your LIfe" (Part II)

C. "It's Your House"

D. "I Went Outside"

Or you could split "It's Your House" into two parts and wind up with a final
track listing that looked something like this:

A. "I Need Your Life" (Part I)

B. "I Need Your Life" (Part II)

C. "It's Your House" (Part I)

D. "It's Your House" (Part II)
     "I Went Outside"

I can't decide which is the better option.

Anyway, it could be done, but it would definitely have to be done in the
double LP format.  I'd totally buy it, but it would take a lot of work and
I'm not sure that Corwood would consent to having single compositions split
up over multiple sides of wax.

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