[Jandek] RE: Jackpot Records Six and Six vinyl reissue (Bradleybee)

Chris Robinson hardeveningsuburb at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 15:27:38 PDT 2009

I pre-ordered this from Jackpot in July and was very pleasantly surprised
when it arrived.  The sound quality is indeed excellent.  The record itself
is 180 gram high-quality vinyl, much like their Ready For The House reissue
from last year.

I spoke to somebody from Jackpot and they told me that Later On is next on
the reissue train.  It looks like they're going to be reissuing a bunch of
the Jandek albums on vinyl.  I'm very happy about this.  Sure, I'd like to
have the original editions, but the reissues are high quality and very nice
to have around.

I'm hoping that eventually we see the post-Apostle 90s cds released on vinyl
on some point.  Graven Image, Glad To Get Away, White Box Requiem, I Woke
Up, New Town, and The Beginning all have run times that would make releasing
them on vinyl very possible.  In my perfect world, I'd have everything
leading up to Put My Dream On This Planet on vinyl.

Anyway, kudos to Jackpot for their wonderful reissues.  Can't wait for the
next one.

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