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Brendan Byrne falonben at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 6 20:58:46 PDT 2009

The reaction of people(shock!?) who'd never heard Jandek before he came here is in some ways understandable as i don't think there's anything to compare it with that we'd experience on a regular(if at all)basis.
The same reaction would probably be true for any small town on the mainland as there just won't be enough people outside the major cities perhaps open to this type of music?
The feeling i got sitting listening was unsettling but enjoyable even if i don't think i understood much of it at all.
Do you need to understand it? I don't think so & to quote another act "If you get confused listen to the music play" so in a way do we all get our "own thing" out of a show?
Imagine going to see him in a huge crowd.
How unsettling would it be to have a large amount of people listening & perhaps all getting different things from the show but all feeling a bit "uncomfortable" or nervous while it's going on.
These small shows allowed those of us coming to it for the 1st time to take it in without pressure(if that's a good term?)of sitting with a large group of converts which can be daunting & can spoil your view of the artist at times.
Sorry if some of what i've written about has been discussed before but i've been thinking about it since the show & also when reading other thoughts on them.

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