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Yeah, I've ordered from Corwood a few times from the UK, using cash. (Last order was over $100). Just make sure it's well concealed... I wrapped mine in the order, sellotaped to a postcard. It was invisible from the outside of the envelope.

In case you're wondering, expect about 3-4 weeks for delivery.



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Subject: [Jandek] Ordering From The UK
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was wondering if any UK residents on the list had ordered CDs directly from Corwood? I'm looking to buy about $200 worth of stuff & having problems with the payment method. I asked at the Post Office & they suggested a MoneyGram - however, this can't be sent to a PO Box, just to a valid residential / business address. 
I my only option to send US Dollars in cash? Bit wary of that, to be honest, in case it goes AWOL in the mail. 
Anyone got any advice? 

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