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Daniel Short danimal1003 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 7 14:01:15 PDT 2009


When i first saw the youtube clips of the houston gig i could not quite believe what i was seeing. In fact, for a fleeting moment, i thought someone had somehow "Doctored" the video clips with some complex editing program or something! But no! 

At first i did not like what i was seeing (People dancing, drinking beer and having fun to Jandek!!!) But now, i have completeley changed my mind. His guitar/vocals make more sense in this context than ever before. So touching to see the rep smiling his way through the set. I am so glad the rep is out there playing these gigs to the people, in fact i am very suprised it took him so long to start performing live. Seems he has been bitten by the bug now though......Ever since that night in Glasgow! LONG LIVE JANDEK:)

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