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well, this was something. despite his proclivities for the unexpected when it came to instrumentation, houston's show brought a few things that it can safely be said NO ONE expected, including: funk, syncopation, a full dance floor, a rowdy crowd. and an encore.
the lineup included a bassist and drummer, along with the man on guitar. my first thoughts were that they were channelling miles davis' 70's sound with sonny sharrock on guitar. the man had a HUGE smile on his face for most of the show, and at times, began laughing, perhaps due to a reaction he most likely never received before. they played one long piece (about 80 minutes) with the drummer mostly keeping time, while the bassist noodled and popped (occasionally with heavy effects) with the man skronking on top. there were a few lyrics, mostly phrases said for effect ("food....drink...drunken (BIG cheer)...preposterous optimism...who am i....where am i....why am i...nowhere!") 
it was also occasionally interactive: when the drunken nerds who packed the dance floor began chanting something (it may have been "1 2 3 4"), they started playing TO them before blasting off again. 
when they finished, the place erupted and cheered for about 10 minutes, at which point the band returned to the stage and played for another 10-15 minutes. 
the video of this is going to be insane. the guy doing the video was filming the ceiling, the floor, shoes, the crowd, and occasionally the band. 
all in all, this was absolutely gobsmackingly wonderful and FUN - well worth the $4 admission charge. hometown boy did good.
(by the way, this post is not an april fools prank - this is a completely serious description. i can't wait until this one is released.)
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