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That reminded me of this section from Irwin Chusid's Jandek deconstruction in Songs in the Key of Z:

  "I requested an interview with Jandek via mail in 1998. A month later, a package arrived from the familiar Houston PO Box. It contained two CDs, 1994's Glad to Get Away, and his then-latest, New Town. No surprises in the packaging-artless, inelegant, uninformative. However, Glad to Get Away was.......uh....wet. A brownish muck oozed within the shrinkwrap-not a drop escaped-as if the fluid had been injected at the manufacturing stage. I had to disassemble the jewel case and run the whole mess under a faucet. The parts felt slimy". 
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good morning,
been on this list for awhile, but haven't posted much.  last night i got a surprise and thought i'd share.  i went over to a friend's house and my friend said he had a present for me.  then he handed me two water/muddied cds of glad to get away and white box requiem, along with an older corwood order form (most current at the time was 0765) with the note "free water damaged cd's".  it turns out the guitar player in his band was going to throw them out, and my friend thought of me and rescued them.  
i can't remember when the reports of the damaged cds came about, but looks like i've ended up with two of them. they look pretty nice kinda fucked up and soggy-dried.  the white box requiem front water soakage makes it look like his eyes are sunken in.  pretty cool surprise for me!

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