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I have not seen the back cover, but I think the front picture deviates in
numerous substantial ways:

1) most Jandek covers are taken straight on, or very close to it (those that
deviate are at a slight downward angle, taken from the eye height of a
tallish person angling towards something near the floor) and this cover is
at a severe upward angle
2) interior shots on Jandek covers are of nondescript suburban homes, as
opposed to this depicting intricate molding and a chandelier
3) this was shot digitally with an incorrect white balance as opposed to
having the look of film, particularly older color film.
4) there are multiple people shown in the image (excluding mannequins and
people assumed to be driving cars, the standard Jandek cover depicting human
beings caps out at 1)
5) Text is not only on the front cover, but in the image

I had seen this cover before and did not make a Jandek connection, and
looking at it again now, I see it even less.

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> Subject: [Jandek] Vampire Weekend cover art=Jandek homage?
> I don't know if this has been discussed before, so at the risk of causing a
> repeat discussion, here goes.
> I was down at Jackpot Records in SW Portland the other day buying my friend
> a birthday present and I stumbled upon a copy of that Vampire Weekend
> album.  While I've heard their music and am not a fan, something about the
> cover art made me pick up the record and take a look at it.  The front cover
> definitely looks like some sort of Jandek homage, but the back cover is the
> clincher.  Total Corwood aesthetic... black type on white background,
> similar band name/album title/song names layout.  The whole thing is pretty
> uncanny.
> Anybody else notice this?  Take a look at the album next time you're out
> somewhere.
> -Chris
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