[Jandek] Re: no need to name names if that were the name

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Sat Sep 6 09:35:19 PDT 2008

It wouldn't bother me if someone used Jandek, Sterling Smith, The Rep., etc.
It was always my impression that Jandek was a term reserved for the art project, not necessarily a reference to a specific person, so wouldn't it make sense to use a person's name when referring to them and not the project? Wouldn't the term Jandek, also include Nancy and John and whoever else played on the recording?
But when it comes down to it what difference does it make?
Isn't it the music that counts? (or art if you want to include the album covers).

Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 09:39:47 +0000From: rossmorris1 at yahoo.co.ukTo: jandek at mylist.netSubject: [Jandek] Re: no need to name names if that were the name

Hi guys
For my part, Jandek has put himself out there as Jandek, not as the other name, and as such I am a Jandek fan who gets pissy about the use of his "real" name in relation to his art.  
Despite this, although I don't know much about the book that's been written, I feel that if it increases the number of people who listen to Jandek, who buy records from Corwood and helps to increase the profile of Corwood, I'm willing to give the guy a listen.

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