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I went through I woke up and filled in most if not all of the gaps. By
the way mention how Zenith Star is a type of swiss watch and thats
what the song is about


First Awake Moment (1)
First awake moment
Joy, sorrow
Pain, lifeline
Second sight
Sixth image
God fear
Third light
Marriage sight
And they were
Lowly cold beauty
On what I have held my heart
So long,
Miss you
Against the call
Of an outstretched hand
Of a drowning figure
So long,
Miss you

Alone On That Mountain (2)
Alone on that mountain
Dear frozen heart
Sinks as stone
Beneath all waters
Alone on that mountain
Tear frozen heart
Sinks as stone
Beneath all waters [2x]

I Can Not (3)
I can not
You can yet
Such is love is
Such love is
As I see it [2x]
After being rescued
Sit helpless [3x]
Outside of you
I guess I can not
Do without you

Long Long (5)
Looking out at the heads of the people
Looking out from a window so high
Lost the shape and time of things
It's all a river just a-floating by
I guess I earned a raft that couldn't sink
Guess I learned about the missing link
The sound is soft when you forget to think
You are alone there's nobody to see
Swinging the blues is what ought to be
You are all alone there's nobody to see
Singing the blues is what ought to be
Walking the streets
And kicking your heels
Loving the way the sidewalk feels
There's a man in his forties passing you by
There's a lady in lace catches my eye
There's a melody in 3/4ths time
There's a rhythm here and it's all mine
Walking the streets and kicking heels
Loving the way the sidewalk feels
Holding your hand, lord
I think I know
Feeling my way in the river of flow

Equaled In Life (7)
It's equal
Equaled in life
Giving and receiving our cigarettes
Giving and receiving
How could that?
How could it not be?
The beginning
Of limitless joy

Star Of Zenith (8)
O Star of Zenith
Hear my plea
Running beneath, I cannot see
All I ask of you
Is it the end to be?
O what to do?
O how to see?
A clock part
Fall apart [x4]
Clock cover
Oh, clock cover
Face is hard for you
No other
Sun has set [x2]
And will rise
If you let it
His haze rise
If you get
His haze to rise
To rise
Let get
If you
If you let get [x2]
Oh, stays
Stays to rise

Take It Easy (9)
Easy [4x]
Take it easy [3x]
Easy [4x]
Take it easy [2x]
You better take it easy

Just Die (10)
Death comes knocking at your door
You don't have to go
Asking for
You don't have to go asking what for
It's not a question
Of yes or no
You just go, oh no
It's no, it's no use
It's no use asking them why
Just die
Regulation passing by
Frequently I have to sigh
Gonna go [2x]
Be a square
Rhombozoid or trapezoid
I don't care [4x]
Here it comes
It's already there
Sit down and die
In your favorite chair

Pending Doom (11)
Pending doom [6x]
New York
Blue Pacific sea
Pending doom
Two travelers approach
Unconscious thread
In shield of friendship [x2]
On parallel course
Master's met
Master navigator plotted
Master navigator plotted
Unknown to will of man

Sleepless Night (12)
Sleepy face
I can not yet
Send it with senses filled
I saw him by to rip it
Pouring flooding river
As the condemned unstoppable
Spouts at pressure point
'Till you make us, you make us cry
Until, until we hear river side collapses
Sleep, sleep deep

Today (13)
Good night [x2]
Good night m'aam
Pink double switch breath
McCain was my name
God is now alive in the world today
God it's so hard
God is still alive
God is now alive in the world today

"To date, Jandek's released twenty-nine albums. That's the equivalent
of a tree falling in the forest- twenty nine times."
Irwin Chusid

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