[Jandek] Jandek vs. Sterling Smith (In defense of Lars)

Craig Stewart craig at sxsw.com
Fri Sep 5 11:04:17 PDT 2008

Very nice point. He's never winced once when a collaborative musician  
has called him by name. What kind of fool would, unless you're a koo- 
koo like Prince.

On Sep 5, 2008, at 10:36 AM, Nate Wilson wrote:

> First off, I will start by saying that Lars is one of the most  
> passionate writers I have come across and his love for Jandek, both  
> the music and story are often unparalleled.
> With that being said.
> Have you noticed that Jandek fans get upset when he is refered to  
> by his real name.
> You would never see that in fans of Roseanne Barr or Charlize  
> Theron.... It is just the man's last name
> The fact that anyone would find it disturbing that it is referenced  
> makes me wonder
> Why are people so bothered?  Why do people put Jandek or the music  
> of Jandek on a special pedestal or care for him with kid gloves.   
> He would be the first to say he is normal, not special, nothing to  
> read into.... and yet we all have been guilty of this at one time  
> or another...even me.
> I have been in contact with the man for years now... and I know  
> from correspondance that he is not a fan of the hooplah around  
> him.... The mystery that has been perpetuated by fans and non-fans  
> alike.
> You ever notice that the majority of articles written about Jandek  
> or Corwood revolve around the mystery... the recluse.... the  
> enigma.... and very few touch on the BEAUTY of the music...
> As The Rep has said before "There is nothing to get"
> There is a big difference between respecting Corwoods wishes of  
> privacy and stating a fact (his birth name for instance)... that  
> has been common knowledge since the early 80's.  If you purchased  
> vinyl from Corwood back in the day you would see his signature on  
> the cashed check.  If you went to the Library of Congresses website  
> you would see the claimant for all Jandek cds as Sterling R Smith  
> and for God's sake there is a CORWOOD APPROVED movie, and almost  
> everyone has heard the Trubee interview.... So it is no big secret  
> what his name is.
> .... as a side note..... I had asked him a long time ago if he was  
> Mormon and his simple response was a one word letter back to me  
> which read     "NONE"
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