[Jandek] Jandek vs. Sterling Smith (In defense of Lars)

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First off, I will start by saying that Lars is one of the most passionate writers I have come across and his love for Jandek, both the music and story are often unparalleled.
With that being said.
Have you noticed that Jandek fans get upset when he is refered to by his real name.
You would never see that in fans of Roseanne Barr or Charlize Theron.... It is just the man's last name
The fact that anyone would find it disturbing that it is referenced makes me wonder
Why are people so bothered?  Why do people put Jandek or the music of Jandek on a special pedestal or care for him with kid gloves.  He would be the first to say he is normal, not special, nothing to read into.... and yet we all have been guilty of this at one time or another...even me.
I have been in contact with the man for years now... and I know from correspondance that he is not a fan of the hooplah around him.... The mystery that has been perpetuated by fans and non-fans alike.
You ever notice that the majority of articles written about Jandek or Corwood revolve around the mystery... the recluse.... the enigma.... and very few touch on the BEAUTY of the music...
As The Rep has said before "There is nothing to get"
There is a big difference between respecting Corwoods wishes of privacy and stating a fact (his birth name for instance)... that has been common knowledge since the early 80's.  If you purchased vinyl from Corwood back in the day you would see his signature on the cashed check.  If you went to the Library of Congresses website you would see the claimant for all Jandek cds as Sterling R Smith and for God's sake there is a CORWOOD APPROVED movie, and almost everyone has heard the Trubee interview.... So it is no big secret what his name is.
.... as a side note..... I had asked him a long time ago if he was Mormon and his simple response was a one word letter back to me which read     "NONE"
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