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Maybe he is a Hasidim who due to a scalp condition cannot wear either  
a beard or earlocks?
On Sep 2, 2008, at 9:33 PM, Christopher tm wrote:

> Do they usually drink sitting next to, and talking with, reporters
> interviewing them?
> Also, saying practically every Mormon you've ever met drinks
> occasionally is no different than me saying every Catholic I've ever
> met has had premarital sex and an abortion or two - it may be true
> (hell, it *is* true), but how large and how representative a sample do
> you really believe you're looking at? It's a bit insulting really,
> don't you think?
> Lastly, "he wears a white shirt like those missionary kids" is a bit
> of a reach, no? Mormon missionaries - the bike dudes - are generally
> 18 to 20 years old; they do their time between high-school and
> college. Our man was well past LDS missionary age when said interview
> took place. A white shirt doesn't mean anything. The real trick would
> be looking to see if he's wearing magic underwear.
> On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 8:38 PM, Alan Sweeney  
> <alan.f.sweeney at> wrote:
>> Practically every Mormon I've ever met drinks occasionally.  I've
>> known many (I live in Arizona).  Personally, I think he *is* a  
>> Mormon.
>> He gives off Mormon vibes.
>> Alan.
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> What a crazy, random happenstance!
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