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Yes, I agree. Smog's first couple of releases are pretty fragmented  
and loose... And even later on with records where his drummer is Jim  
White who brings a freer looseness to those recordings... There was  
surely a certain amount of a Jandek/Dylan inspiration on a good  
number of the early Drag City records (see Palace Brothers "Days in  
the Wake" LP... Silver Jews "Bright Flight" LP)... I know Bill Smog  
is/was a Jandek listener and had many of the records.

On Sep 2, 2008, at 2:23 PM, Justin wrote:

> Has anyone heard the first smog record?
> It Def has a very Jandek Inspired sound.
> I own 2 of his records but do not own that one
> I just recently heard it and was shocked to here
> such a jandek-esque sound. Also early cat power kind of
> has a jandek esque guitar style.
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