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Funny you say that, as psychedelic drugs in America seem to come from Texas,
starting with pot and LSD in the mid-late 60s and then Ecstasy from
the Dallas Gay Scene in the 80s. A good friend of mine, the Honary Lacanian
theorist Norbert Thomas PhD, beleives that the CIA have their chemical lab
in the Dallas area and hence the proliferation of new mind altering
chemicals that sprout from that area..There is a strong chance that Jandek
may actually have worked for a Government agency, hence the screcy and the
conservative, upright look of the man. It would not surprise me that
'Corwood Industries' could be a plan to study the effects of anti-music on
the public, especially in psychic warefare. Really, Jandek's music should be
used in counter-terrorist actions, unlike the nu-metal and classical music
they seem to have been using against to Moozlim Fascists in Afghanistan and
Irak. That Jandek's noise can alter the brain chemistry of its listeners in
profound way is still a work in progress.

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> is jandek a scientific investigation?
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