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With a quick bit of research I am certain to say that the location for the cover photo was in Bath England.  The architecture is what clued me in.  The long stretches of connected houses similar to that of the Royal Crescent houses in Bath are all over this cover.  The river in the lower third is the River Avon.  On one side of the river you will see a railway bridge and in the lower right hand corner you will see vehicles entering and leaving a curved road, that road being Wells road which leads onto Broad Quay and Lower Bristol Road.  If you go on google earth you can even see the buildings that are right on the river, like the sharp three sided u-shaped building on the shore and the parking lot that is right next to a major feed road (green park road).  My guess is that the picture was shot from the area on a hill near the Carlton Gardens.  Check it out on google earth, once you get there, you will see the whole picture unfold... it is uncanny.

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