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Other than "THE MYTH OF BLUE ICICLES" easily the best lyrics in about a decade
Song three even references "Naked In the Afternoon"
"Part One"
I made a mistake
and I came here today
I got half drunk and said I would
I wandered in, drowning in my tears
I made a mistake
Can you forgive me?
I feel wretched and deprived
like a castaway infidel
Foaming at the mouth
possessed by demons
But I'm here anyway
pounding at your door
Half-dead and forsaken
I did it to myself
I made a mistake
It's my problem now
I'll live through this
dragging my body along 
To be here now a zombie in the flesh
I made a mistake and I came here today
"Part Two"
I just ruined some part of my life
If you know me, you know what I mean
Despondant and feeling alone
The relationship is gone
It will never be the same
All because I took the wrong turn
There's nothing more to lose
than the hope and promise that was you
I guess I'll go and hide inside
I don't know why I ever came out
To see the sun and rain come patter in the street and vein
I guess I'll never learn the ropes
I'm a life with continuous hopes
I had this feeling before
when it grew and I couldn't cope
Here's to faith and tranquility disappearing from sight and sound
There's nowhere else to go
There's nothing else to do
Oh, I'll move my feet on the street
and continue the derelict dance
and stumble on to the end
mindless and lost to you
"Part Three"
I fractured what we had
Smashed it up and threw it to the floor
I made you unhappy
and now we both have to pay
There's no way to go back
The innocence is lost
The king took a vacation
Left all the subjects to their own
They sabotaged the castle
Iron chains they pulled down
The teenage daughter smitten to the core
the boots the cowboy wore
Leather torn and spurs broken
The cow in the pasture
didn't come home last night
The newspaper headlines
their shooting up the town
So I stand here wondering
how do I climb out of this hole?
But it's the doing of one thing
that leads to another
and damned if I go down dying
I still got a breath in me
"Part Four"
The courageous calculus of consideration
The calloused corner of sediment
All cross the troubled waters
Blowing in the winds that pass
You deteriorate unexpectedly
You thought you were doing just fine
But the boat sank and the bubbles spewn from your mouth sinking
and you bloated up all horrific at the bottom of the sea
It all happened so fast but you shouldn't have been surprised
I drew you into my world and took you down
Cast by the wayside of broken dreams
I'm a cancer and I eat healthy tissue 
as I advance my disease all around
I can't help but be malignant
and the bad things that I bring
So that destructed boat we sailed in
Happy faces that we made
But the depth was not perservering, the crash was immenent
and now I'm bloated floating 
Full up of water
Dead and gone
"Part Five"
I suppose
I got no clothes
Well I guess
You see me confess
I'm gonna crash
crash and burn
Let's crash and burn
Skin and bone
In a fire
Gone gone gone gone
There's nothing good here
They took it all
We started out good, then came the fall
Why is it this way?
I heard you say
I heard you say
It all came different
I killed everything
and I killed you
and I killed me
We're not here
We're gone away
"Part Six"
If you want happy, run away from me
'cause I know how to make happy sad
I've got the blues and I do it to myself
Don't catch my virus blues 
Stay in your yellow sun
Who wants these blues?
They're free until you get them
Then you can't escape
Oh, not for very long
I'm crying at the corner
I'm crying in my chair
I don't want to get up
Go anywhere
I got these blues
and I throw them at you
Why are you here anyway
Catching my blues
Go out into the yellow sun
Be happy, have fun
But you come into this cellar 
looking for the death bed blues
"Part Seven"
It's seven o'clock in the morning and I got up at two
No sense tossing turning 
fretfull box of woe
Might as well get up in the black night
Make it my waking time
I remember the time of meditation 
and the no mind that I knew
But sometimes it's overwhelming
Emotions I can't stop
Might as well live through them 
Their cycle has returned
But no mind was a good mind
Maybe I'll go back there again
It's just when you develope something
The rush of the world takes it down
Could be that I'm feeble
Could be that I'm strong
I'll rush in so foolishly
and get taken down 
But the time, it was grand, it was
There's another part of me that's glad
That moment lasts forever
Scintillating in the dark
"Part Eight"
Disaster is my name
I came down like a plague
When it's said and done
I hope you'll feel better
I want you to feel good
Like I knew that I could
It's just I've got to say
Disaster is my name
I envoke my name 
and come down like a plague
Hope you're standing still
After I'm through with you
I passed by like a crime
Only thing
Lock me up
Nobody wants to hear
Nobody wants to see
I'm an act of God
Disaster is my name
I wreck havoc all the same
It's the way I have to be
I don't know why
You call me down from the sky
When it's all said and done
Disaster was my name
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