[Jandek] I AM VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's great.  Good luck with the recording.

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I am proud to announce that I have recently received permission from
Corwood Industries to release a full album of Jandek cover songs.
I just finished the recording sessions yesterday.  A final mix will be mailed out
to Corwood tomorrow afternoon.  I am still working on album art and
layout, but this album should be out and available for sale through
my site probably as early as this December.

There are 12 tracks and I am joined by a few close friends of mine
on four of them.  I can't wait for you all to hear it.  I hope you enjoy.

Track listing is yet to be announced but I can tell you that the album will be entitled

"THIS IS A DEATH DREAM: A tribute to the music of Jandek"

As developments progress, I will keep you all posted, I just wanted to get out the early notice.

thanks a ton for all your support

Naythen Wilson

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