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D. Craig Wasson deeeecraig at hotmail.com
Tue May 27 13:30:19 PDT 2008

I'm a neophyte, who is awaiting another 21 albums to my existing 6, so this isn't a particularly well-informed list; however, from what I have heard, I know what I like:
1. Down in a Mirror
2. Naked in The Afternoon
3.  I'm Ready (for that melody)
4.  The Glade
5.  Nancy Sings
6.  John Plays Drums (for comparison)
7.  Birthday (for further comparison)
8.  Real Wild (because it rocks)
9.  The Cell, Part 1
10.  Janky
11. They Told Me About You 
12. Hey
13.  Upon the Grandeur
14.  You Painted Your Teeth
15.  They Told Me I Was a Fool (for those great horrifying lyrics)
16.  I Went Outside (not an a capella fan, but you have to let the recipient hear how peculiar these albums are with a sample)
17.  No Break
18.  Pending Doom
19. I  Passed by the Building
20. Message to the Clerk
21.  The Electric End
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