[Jandek] Fwd: [Up-Tight] Re: Has Jandek sold out?

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Fri May 23 11:54:51 PDT 2008

The "Jandek sold out" argument is really just "Look at me! I'm a 

It might be more entertaining to say, "Yeah, it was the Gap commercial 
that really ruined Jandek for me," though this has me envisioning 
various commercials with Jandek's music in them, and it actually seems 
kind of awesome:

Visual: swing-dancing Gap people
Music: "Dance of Death"

Visual: montage of happy families at McDonald's
Music: "Yellow Pages"

Visual: American-branded trucks and SUVs driving around
Music: "War Dance"

If we start mapping products to themes, we get things like "Your 
Condition" for the bouncing Zoloft cartoon character, or "Painted My 
Teeth" for any cosmetic dentistry, etc.

I'm sure everyone else can come up with better pairings.

Maurice Rickard
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