[Jandek] My first Corwood 20.

Shervin Fatehi fatehi at berkeley.edu
Wed May 21 12:11:41 PDT 2008

On May 20, 2008, at 5:39 PM, D. Craig Wasson wrote:
> Anything I should omit?  Any additions?  What I am looking for is a  
> good cross-section of the Rep's Oevure, with emphasis on his more  
> adventurous music.   That being said, I'm not yet ready for the a  
> capella albums(I prefer exploring his instrumentation right now).   
> What "bass album" should I consider?  What newer albums are "Musts?"

I would add:

Living in a Moon So Blue. I listen to it more than almost any other  
Jandek album. I don't know why, even, but I just keep picking it back  
up. The harmonica that breaks in on "Alexandria Knows" is probably  
part of it.

Put My Dream on This Planet. I know you expressed your reluctance  
about the spoken word albums, but I think Ratan X's point would be  
well taken -- you'll have had 19 other CDs to warm you up further to  
Jandek's sensibilities before you would need to give it a listen.

Brooklyn Wednesday. It's a scorcher!

For later albums to consider, lots of folks like Khartoum (or  
Khartoum Variations) and Raining Down Diamonds, or so has been my  
impression. I have weaker feelings about the newer stuff just by  
virtue of the fact that I haven't listened to it as much (I also find  
the newer albums more homogeneous internally and disc-to-disc, so I  
haven't found them as rewarding to explore).


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