[Jandek] My first Corwood 20.

D. Craig Wasson deeeecraig at hotmail.com
Tue May 20 17:39:21 PDT 2008

Input wanted.  Since youze guys are Jandek experts, critics, and documentary interviewees, with more insight into the ways of the Rep than am I, could you please help me with my very first "Box of 20" order to Corwood Industries?
I already have:
Ready for the House
Chair Beside a Window
Interstellar Discussion
Glasgow Sunday DVD
Glasgow Monday/The Cell
My list so far:  
1. Your Turn to Fall
2. Foreign Keys
3. Follow Your Footsteps
4. Modern Dances
5. Blue Corpse
6. You Walk Alone
7. On the way
8. The Living End
9. Somebody in the Snow
10. One Foot in the North
11. Lost Cause
12. Twelfth Apostle
13. White Box Requiem
14.  The End of It All
15. Glasgow Sunday CD (because I wanna "get rrreeal wieeld")
16. The Myth of Blue Icicles
Anything I should omit?  Any additions?  What I am looking for is a good cross-section of the Rep's Oevure, with emphasis on his more adventurous music.   That being said, I'm not yet ready for the a capella albums(I prefer exploring his instrumentation right now).  What "bass album" should I consider?  What newer albums are "Musts?"
Thanks in advance.
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