[Jandek] THE EXTENDED GUITAR SOLO and Track Times

Nate Wilson visioninapark at hotmail.com
Tue May 13 11:07:05 PDT 2008

I was just comparing track times from CD's to LP's and noticed gaps 
that were larger than just normal everyday trimming.  Some songs are longer on 
CD and some are longer on the vinyl.  For instance
                                CD                          LP
Track Time              4:51                         4:35 (16 seconds shorter)
                             8:10                         8:24 (24 seconds longer)
                            4:51                          5:45 (54 seconds longer)
                             4:18                          4:30 (12 seconds longer)
                            2:38                           3:40 (1 minute 2 seconds longer)
                            4:33                           3:35 (58 seconds shorter)
                            4:26                          4:13  (13 seconds shorter)
                            5:08                          4:05 (1 minute 3 seconds shorter)
                            4:56                           4:27 (29 seconds shorter)
That is a large amount of time difference.
I pulled out my Ready for the House LP and listened and 
compared it to the CD version which is actually longer.
On the cd you will hear the entire guitar solo which almost 30
seconds longer on the LP.
I wonder what other gems have been extended for cd release
or cut down from the vinyl release
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