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Glenn Becker burningc at sdf.lonestar.org
Wed May 7 14:57:12 PDT 2008

> I too have been listening to "Lost cause" recently....and the brilliant 
> "Blue corpse". After not listening to these two titles for sometime, it 
> is nice to "re-discover" them. I keep hoping that sterling will 
> eventually stumble across a "Lost" tape from this era and release it 
> amongst his newer, digitally recorded titles. Now that WOULD throw a 
> spanner in the works! With Jandek anything is possible i guess.

a few days ago one of the lead wikipedia articles was about freedom 7, the 
short suborbital flight in 1961 that made alan shepard the first american 
in space. i'd been cruising thru seth t's site looking at album covers 
around the same time, & when i zoomed in on the pic of shepard on 
wikipedia i thought 'kee-ripes, he sort of looks like ... the corwood 
rep!' then i thought 'well ... jeez, the age is about right ... and gosh, 
houston, after all' ...

well, they don't look that much alike, but if j released a 'lost 
recording' featuring alan shepard on drums, i'd be first in line.

sorry, i'm tired ;^)


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