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Sun Mar 30 16:39:56 PDT 2008

Not too hard to suss out what model guitar he is playing, if you've seen 
the pictures
compare to the guitars available at http://www.godinguitars.com/

They're a Canadian maker of very nice acoustic and electric guitars.


Justin wrote:

> Ok, so I mailed out 5  questions to corwood last week.
> I tried to ask nothing to "personal". They answered 3 out
> of 5 questions.  First question I asked was exactly what model and make
> guitar was used on glasgow sunday I really liked the sound of the guitar
> and wanted to know. Corwoods responce was "godin". 2nd question what
> acoustic model/make was used on blue icicles corwoods responce "..."
> 3rd question: Are the newer albums recorded digitally? response "..."
> 4th: What type of harmonica's are used on the tracks with harmonica
> I was hoping for "hohner chromatic bla bla bla" because I also never heard
> harmonica that sounds anythign like in the records before. Corwoods 
> answer simply
> "Hohner". Than I asked what album would they recommend to someone who 
> has never heard anythign from the corwood discography but would like 
> to check it out? Responce "0739". I expected it to be Six And Six or 
> Ready for the house. I honestly was expecting a little more info on 
> the guitar models/harmonica models and possibly recording equipment. 
> But I guess Corwood always wants to keep somekind of mystery going. 
> Well if anyone finds out anymore info on that guitar on glasgow sunday 
> let me know.
> Justin
> my space dot com slash justin palmieri music
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