[Jandek] Answers back from Corwood

Justin chairbesideawindow at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 10:22:03 PDT 2008

Ok, so I mailed out 5  questions to corwood last week.
  I tried to ask nothing to "personal". They answered 3 out
  of 5 questions.  First question I asked was exactly what model and make
  guitar was used on glasgow sunday I really liked the sound of the guitar
  and wanted to know. Corwoods responce was "godin". 2nd question what
  acoustic model/make was used on blue icicles corwoods responce "..."
  3rd question: Are the newer albums recorded digitally? response "..."
  4th: What type of harmonica's are used on the tracks with harmonica
  I was hoping for "hohner chromatic bla bla bla" because I also never heard
  harmonica that sounds anythign like in the records before. Corwoods answer simply
  "Hohner". Than I asked what album would they recommend to someone who has never heard anythign from the corwood discography but would like to check it out? Responce "0739". I expected it to be Six And Six or Ready for the house. I honestly was expecting a little more info on the guitar models/harmonica models and possibly recording equipment. But I guess Corwood always wants to keep somekind of mystery going. Well if anyone finds out anymore info on that guitar on glasgow sunday let me know. 
  my space dot com slash justin palmieri music

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