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Sun Mar 16 19:50:21 PDT 2008

--- Russell Nanney <pocketboy67 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Did anybody get to see the show today at SXSW?, i would have
> gone to the
> show, but my flight came in late and i missed the
> performance....how was it?

The set was very good with lots of loud rockin' tracks, although
the vocals were low and muddy in the mix.  I remember the vocals
at last year's SXSW were very clear, and I was able to take good

At first I thought it was Tom Carter on bass, but now that I see
the previously published lineup of Susan Alcorn (pedal steel
guitar), Ralph White (kalimbas, fiddle), Ryan Williams (bass),
and Will Johnson (drums), I'm thinking I was wrong.  This is the
same lineup as last year's Fort Worth Saturday, and again Susan
Alcorn stole the show, leading the band with delicate sliding
tones, sharp percussive effects & screaming sheets of noise. 
The rep stood with his back left shoulder to the audience and
sang about god & the blues, sometimes switching harmonicas
between songs.  His performance was actually pretty sparse.  The
band sound was very rich and full, so he spent more time rocking
out to the pounding music than actually singing and playing.  A
very expressive, blusey female vocalist also sang a few duets
and a few solo songs throughout the set.

No lyric notes.  I decided to just sit back and enjoy the music
this time...

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