[Jandek] corwood and asia?

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I would think  that Jandek would have some appeal in east Asia, as some of
his stuff does sound a lot like certain forms of traditional music.  I was
visiting a temple in Vietnam last year, and there was a ceremony going on
that featured a percussionist and a guy playing something that looked like
an oversized banjo; it sounded a LOT like Jandek material.  "John Plays
Drums" came to mind...

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I live in US but introduced Jandek to a bunch of people in Shanghai. They
were'nt really into it.

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  hello to all jandek listers.

  i was just wondering if there was anyone on this post who is from asia,
  and in which parts.
  and if there was an interest in corwood in asia?

  from what i gathered, most people who post are either in the states or
  europe (maybe russia too), including myself.

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