[Jandek] T-Shirts and Jandek/Survivor confustion

Matthew Gordon mlgordon75 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 09:41:39 PDT 2008

Just wanted to correct myself since portions of my last post might have appeared incoherent.  
  I wore a shirt bearing the words "LISTEN TO SURVIVOR" to the Survivor show at a county fair in Minnesota, not "LISTEN TO JANDEK."  Jimi Jamison would have virtually no reason to put the mic in my face right before the chorus hook of "High On You" if I was wearing a "LISTEN TO JANDEK" shirt.   But put the mic in my face he did, and I managed to squeak out a less-than-rockin', caught-off-guard utterance of "I'm high on you" to Jameson's sufficient delight.
  Why, you ask, did I road trip from Indiana to Minnesota to see Survivor at a county fair?  Why not?
  But, to reiterate, I find this "LISTEN TO..." formula is effective for fan t-shirts, possibly a bit shark-jumpy by this point, but I still dig it.
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