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> I personally visualize myself wearing just the "Six and Six" artwork on
> front and on the back reads "LISTEN TO JANDEK".
> Or just "LISTEN TO JANDEK" on the front.  I did a similar thing in honor
> of '80's sports-rock titans Survivor, when I travelled to Albert Lea,
> Minnesota in '04 to see them play at a county fair.  I wore "LISTEN TO
> JANDEK" in Cooper Black font, white on a black shirt.  Jimi Jamison came up
> to me and stuck the mic in my face to deliver the chorus hook for "High on
> You" and caught me off guard.  Needless to say, I would have like to have
> been more prepared with my lungs full of ready-to-spew '80's glory.  My
> point is that "LISTEN TO SURVIVOR" works nicely, perhaps "LISTEN TO JANDEK"
> will appeal to some.
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I've got a better and cooler idea for a T-shirt..It's a 'reimaging
postmodernisation Deleuzian reality construction' of the classic FRAMTON
COMES ALIVE album cover...In this one, a picture of the Rep in full live
glory at Install or the Wheat Silos or wherever, but have JANDEK COMES OUT!
and in little letters 'live, Install 2004 etc..etc..

On the back have the picture from 'Follow your footsteps' with the caption

I reckon that would sell like hotcakes, especially amongst fans of Iron &
Wine and Feist.
"Who made who, who made you?"
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