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Tue Mar 4 11:55:53 PST 2008

why stop at T shirts? why not hats, hoodies, coffee cups, window treatments, couch throws?

Or a jandek black turtleneck -- jandek on the neck fold -- jandek porkpie hat, with name on hat brim.. Jandek black blazer. 

a jandek branded ipod, comes lloaded with the reps whole discography. 

for me I want the jandek model godin guitar. 

folks we may be on the verge of creating the nxt great consumer brand. 

let's move some product!!!!! 
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Date:  Tue Mar 4, 2008 2:26 pm
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     I already own a shirt that I made... a black t-shirt with the cover of SIX and SIX on it.
 I would be up for any JANDEK t-shirts no matter what they are.
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